A record-breaking performance- Kindly prove it.

A record-breaking performance? Kindly prove it.

Chinese Taipei athlete Zheng threw?a spear as afar as over 91 meters, a distance exceeding that of Asian record?of the javelin,?at The 29th Summer Universiade in Taipei.? Let's, all islanders and all Mainlanders,?say congratulations to Zheng, provided his performance is a genuine one.

In World Truck and Field Championship just held a month ago or so, Zheng threw 77+ meters and didn't qualify to reach the final.? If you are interested in sports, especially?in field and truck, you would know it's almost impossible?for an athlete to advance his or her performance that much?within a month, not even?taking drug as a boost.?

Some report from Mainland doubted the veracity of Zheng's performance.? The sources?assumed the spear used in the game had been the one not recognized a by IAAF any longer.? But people of Taiwan?retorted that IAAF?had already?released the news on its?official website?as?the evidence to?answer back the doubts.?

Well, IAAF?released the news didn't necessarily mean it?had recognized the new record.? I?think right now Taipei should give us a?clarification on which kind of?the spear used in the game.? We are all?proud of?Zheng's performance if he used the right spear; otherwise, Taiwan will be a laughing stock again in "international" society.? ????



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